Seminar 1

Recent Trends in Telco Localization Methods and Applications

Authors: Weixiong Rao (Tongji University)*


This seminar introduces recent trends in Telecommunication (Telco) localization, i.e., the technology to identify the positions of mobile devices by measurement record (MR) samples. MR samples report the connection states, e.g., signal strength, between mobile devices and connected base station. Since MR data can be collected cheaply, frequently and on a global scale, data-driven Telco localization has attracted intensive research interests in both academia and Telco industry. Using Telco localization to generate geo-tagged MR data is important to both Telco operators and third-party applications. Unfortunately, existing Telco localization methods in literature suffer from the challenges of either high localization errors or requiring intensive training data samples or high sensitivity towards noisy data. With recent advances in machine learning and deep learning technology, many studies have been conducted to solve these challenges. In this seminar, we introduce the recent activities in Telco localization from various perspectives of (1) recent trends in state-of-the-art machine learning methods for Telco localization, (2) recently focused tasks for Telco localization technology, and (3) applications of Telco localization in smart cities such as Telco network optimization and road traffic analysis.

Seminar 2

Privacy Risk Assessment in Mobility Applications

Authors: Francesca Pratesi (ISTI - CNR)*; Roberto Trasarti (CNR, Italy ); Roberto Pellungrini (University of Pisa); Michela Natilli (Institute of Information Science and Technologies (ISTI), National Research Council (CNR), Italy ); Valerio Grossi (ISTI - CNR)


In this seminar we would like to provide an overview of the main privacy-preserving techniques, and a hands-on session where participants will take advantage of a practical tool, supported by SoBigData Research Infrastructure, for the analysis of the privacy risk of mobility dataset.